Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Thank you God for helping my kids sleep.  I know that everyone's minds are racing and unable to focus.  Tomorrow is the big day when we move into "the BIG House" as Luke calls it--not sure if he thinks we are moving into a big house, wishes it was a big house or wants to live in UM stadium. 

We have stayed in 4 different places in less than a week.  We can't find anything.  We all want to just have a spot and not feel like we need to move. 

These last few weeks have made us all think about what we "really" need in life.  I now know that I can simplify to a greater extent when we unpack boxes.  We did get rid of lots and lots of things when we found out we were moving but now I know what I need.  As I go along in life I want to remember this time and continue to re-evaluate how much I need. 

By this time tomorrow I hope to be cooking up something wonderful for dinner--our "kitchen" in the hotel has 2 burners--only ONE works.  I hope to be watching the kids explore the new backyard.  I hope we can all discover our own spots in the new house.  I pray that my house will become a home, a sanctuary and a welcoming place to all who enter. 

I pray for patience.  I know that I will want it all done now. 

God thank you for this awesome opportunity to serve you in ways that are obvious and in ways that you have  yet to reveal.