Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No Matter What--Divine Mercy

April Children’s Adoration
Divine Mercy
What is Divine Mercy?

It is God’s love for us—all of us—no matter what.  God wants us to know that his mercy is greater than our sins.  He loves us with kindness and compassion—no matter what we do, say or think.

Why do we need God’s Mercy?

If God loves me—no matter what—why can’t I stop there?   Matthew 5:7 says “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”  God’s love and compassion are never ending.  As humans we sometimes find it hard to be gentle, loving, kind, respectful and showing mercy can be difficult. 

In our culture we all want to be the best and often at the expense of making others feel less.  God loves us—no matter what—and to him it doesn’t matter if we have fancy boots, sparkly jewelry, a big house, if we are popular or not.  It doesn’t matter to him if we talk funny, walk funny or are just weird.  God made us perfect in his way (Psalm 139).  We need God’s mercy to love us and forgive us.
How do we practice being merciful?
A-ask for God’s loving mercy in prayer asking him for forgiveness of our sins and for him to fill our hearts with mercy.
B-be merciful.  When we ask God for his mercy in A, now we need to let the mercy come to us and use it with others.   God wants us to show kindness and forgiveness to everyone we meet.
C-completely trust in Jesus.  This is God math—the more we trust in Jesus the more we will receive.   When we trust in Jesus he gives us more grace than what we need and it flows to those around us.
Jesus asked a nun for Divine Mercy to have its own feast day—this will be coming up the Sunday after Easter.  This woman was St. Faustina.  She was a poor girl who lived in Poland and had very little education.  How can a poor girl with little education have conversations with Jesus?  Well, I think that she trusted in Jesus so much that he trusted that she would be bold enough to keep a diary of what he told her.  If we met St. Faustina today and she told you about how Jesus comes to her and asks her to write things down for him so that she can share his ideas . . . would you be gentle, loving, kind, and respectful?  Would you show her mercy?

Be Blessed as you spend your time with Jesus whether it is in adoration, the car or watching your baby sleep.  Take a moment to practice being merciful and know that God loves you—no matter what.

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