Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Psalm 139: Part 1

Psalm 139 has been popping up in my life.  The first time was a book that I gave Joseph for his birthday "On the night you were born" and then a few days later we were studying science and "you were wonderfully and fearfully made" and finally a few friends mentioned it in their blogs. 

Sometimes in life you hear the whisper that tells you to stop for a minute.  Pause.  Be still.  Reflect.  STOP!!!  I can imagine God  stomping up and down wondering why I'm not listening to him --moving onto the the next guy until I can stop and listen.

Doesn't He know that I have a basement full of boxes, wood trim to paint in the newly installed windows, breakfast-lunch-dinner, sweeping, laundry, my therapy work with Luke, homeschooling Joseph, helping the girls with homework and the daily drama, and a wonderful husband to devote a few minutes of quality time each day!!! 

Actually God does know what I have to do.  God knows that I try to give thanks in everything.  God knows when I finally sit at the end of the night it is in exhaustion.  God knows when I will be snippy with my kids.  God forgives me, I forgive myself and we try to start fresh the next day. 

Thank you God for each tomorrow that you have perfectly planned for me. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Day Weekend 2011

We have a small cabin in Michigan.  The cabin has a history.  My dad built it and I have it now.  I love the cabin and the kids do as well.  We have started our own traditions there and having ice cream at the Peach Pit is one of them.

My sister in law gave me some flowers to plant in the sand around the cabin.  I'm surprised that anything grows.  We have planted many flowers and trees.  Enough to make it more like home but not so much it requires lots of up keep.  We do have boat rides and beaches to visit.

 This is the last sunset that I saw this year.  With school and soccer starting in August our summer seemed to end too soon. 

Our last fire in our make shift fire pit. 

This Labor Day weekend is spent at home and not at our cabin.  It doesn't quite feel right but it is where our family is at right now.  I wish that the adjustment was easier.  I love the boat rides, fishing, watching the kids explore the same lake I did as a kid, I miss my cabin friends but most of all I miss the feeling quiet. 

Feeling peaceful.

Feeling rested.

Feeling renewed.

Feeling like I'm home.

Thank you God for creating such an awesome place where it is so easy to find you.