Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Psalm 139: Part 1

Psalm 139 has been popping up in my life.  The first time was a book that I gave Joseph for his birthday "On the night you were born" and then a few days later we were studying science and "you were wonderfully and fearfully made" and finally a few friends mentioned it in their blogs. 

Sometimes in life you hear the whisper that tells you to stop for a minute.  Pause.  Be still.  Reflect.  STOP!!!  I can imagine God  stomping up and down wondering why I'm not listening to him --moving onto the the next guy until I can stop and listen.

Doesn't He know that I have a basement full of boxes, wood trim to paint in the newly installed windows, breakfast-lunch-dinner, sweeping, laundry, my therapy work with Luke, homeschooling Joseph, helping the girls with homework and the daily drama, and a wonderful husband to devote a few minutes of quality time each day!!! 

Actually God does know what I have to do.  God knows that I try to give thanks in everything.  God knows when I finally sit at the end of the night it is in exhaustion.  God knows when I will be snippy with my kids.  God forgives me, I forgive myself and we try to start fresh the next day. 

Thank you God for each tomorrow that you have perfectly planned for me. 

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