Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I just read two other blogs that were very inspiring.  I should not read other blogs before trying to write mine. 

I think that for this New Year I will attempt to not compare myself with others.  I'm not sure when I started to measure myself by others rather than myself. 

This year I want to be happy with who I am becoming and knowing that I do my best each day. 

We are moving to IL soon and the process of weeding through a life's worth of "things" has been hard.  I was told that if I don't need it now--get rid of it.  If I wouldn't buy it today to serve a purpose in my house--get rid of it.  It was a great feeling to get rid of things--the stuff that has kept me from moving on. 

One of the things that I shed were all the maternity related items--clothes, bouncy seats, bassinets, baby clothes and it felt good at the time but now that longing is coming back.  I know that I have my hands very full with my 4 kids and it would be a blessing to have another but my body just isn't working in that way anymore.  I need to move forward and enjoy what I do have not what I don't.  My mind knows that but my heart doesn't.

Thank you God for my family that I love more than anything.  God, please help me trust in you--that these kids and this husband were chosen by you for me.  Calm my heart in knowing that this is where I am supposed to be.

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