Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Mother (in-law)'s Gift

I was just given the best Mother's Day gift ever. I was able to spend a week with my Mother-In-Law. We had a staycation in my home. We cooked side by side, we knitted side by side, we folded clothes side by side and pondered the idea of whether I would actually get the vacuum run or the lawn mowed during her visit.
I only had a week to prepare for her visit--I knew that she was coming for a weekend but found out about the extended stay with just a week's notice. I started out in panic mode--with the normal crazy busy of our schedule I wondered how I was going to make everything perfect. The Mary/Martha struggle that I live with. Then I decided to proceed like Mary.
The highlight of the trip was my daughter's First Communion. I've helped her for months to prepare for this Sacrament and all of a sudden I shifted from spiritual preparedness to worrying about fingerprints and dust. I realized that I needed to focus on what was truly important. I stopped thinking about the cleaning schedule and gave myself permission to plan and be organized--then stop to enjoy this "First" moment.
For the first time I didn't make myself and those who love me crazy with the Martha level of perfection. I did the minimum and let the rest happen.
My MIL gave me the gift of time and I gave myself the gift of a humble pie, accepting a wonderful opportunity to enjoy time with her without the agenda of a perfectionist. I allowed myself to be imperfect, real, authentic and grateful. I felt genuine gratitude--really felt it--not just the Hallmark card or the Helen Stein watercolor variety of gratitude--but real, take a deep breath and EXHALE.

It was an awesome visit.  I feel renewed and refreshed--and that you can't buy in a store.  I learned that I have value independent of perfectionism.  I thought of my MIL as I vacuumed the house and mowed the lawn.  I hoped that she felt renewed, refreshed and loved. 
Thank you God for putting amazing women in my life! I am blessed to be inspired, encouraged and loved by so many of your daughters. I only hope that through your grace I will be able to encourage and inspire as I serve you.

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