Thursday, April 19, 2012

Menu Week 2: 4/19/12

I thought that this little assignment that I gave myself of creating a menu and saving 50% off would be easy.  Last week Dominicks had a ton of meat bogofree and I did stock up on hamburger.  I made a huge pot of spaghetti sauce and taco meat--packaged it in my b1g1free Ziploc bags and froze it.  I love the site Once a Month Cooking for tips on planning freezer meals.

The grocery store cycle is 12 weeks long so if something is on sale--rock bottom price--than you won't see that again for 12 weeks.  I offer this information for planning purposes.  Dominick's is normally a Th-W sale cycle but this week they have two sales going on at the same time in addition to their mini sale of $5 Friday.

These menus will be close to 50% off without coupons.

Menu Week 2:

French Toast Bake
Clearance Bin eggs 50% off
Bread (several different brands and flavors) bogof
Strawberries bogof
Bacon bogof

Muffin breakfast
Dole pineapple bogof
Eggs 50% off
I have tinkered with  a recipe that is simple and can be made with
olive oil and lots of different variations

Eggs 50% off
Cheese bogof
Use leftover bacon
Salad bogof

Fish Dinner
Waterfront bistro bogof
Steam Fresh veggies b2g1f

Pasta w/Red Sauce
Ragu bogo1
Pasta bogof
Salad bogof
Keebler fudge strip cookies were more than 50% off!

Kashi has a special deal this week--30% off "selected" Kashi items this is a great deal. has online coupons to add to your savings.  Most Kashi products are on sale as well so this is an item that I would stock up on.

Dole pineapple is bogof--I use this in zucchini bread--stockpile for the summer.

Nature Valley has a sale on granola bars that is ok but with coupons it is close to 50% savings.  We go through A LOT of granola bars. 

Steamfresh has b2g1f veggies--normally I don't buy frozen veggies especially since our CSA (community sponsored agriculture) has begun and the bags are small for our family size but for a side dish mixed with pasta or rice will stretch the little bag! 

Thank you God for the ability to serve you as we plan and prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

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