Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I found a poster during the move.  I have had it so long I have no idea when I got it--best guess is mid-80's and it is covered in plexiglass and a very cheap frame 1 foot x 3 feet and it has a little boy holding up a shell to a little girls ear . . .

Listening to your heart,
finding out who you are,
is not simple.

It takes time for the chatter to quiet down.
In the silence of  "not doing" we begin to know
what we feel.

If we listen and hear what is being offered,
then anything in life can be our guide.


In this house with four busy kids and a chatty mom and a "war and peace explanation" kind of dad--it is very hard to find quiet time.  Even during the daily mandatory quiet time--it is not always quiet. 

I have always told the kids to quiet thier minds and quiet their bodies down but I rarely have followed that advice.  Now as I have begun to live more in the moment of each day I am beginning to find a peacefulness that I did not know existed. 

Thank you God for this gift of peace that I find when I am seeking you quietly.  

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