Thursday, August 18, 2011

A New View

We are getting new windows in our new house--the house is new to us but the windows are very old and need to be replaced.  We knew that we needed new windows since the home inspection so this purchase is necessary and somewhat planned on our part.  The cost however was not planned.  We knew it would be expensive but we did not have a full understanding until I started getting quotes.  After careful thought came we came up with a five year plan--year 1:  main floor windows, year 2:  upstairs windows and maybe a new front door, year 3:  siding, year 4:  roof, year 5:  hopefully hardwood floors in my kitchen and dining room! 

I have looked at these windows as a burden.  Something that had to be fixed.  Another thing that had to be scheduled.  Money to be spent.  For two days the house is turned upside down as these wonderful men work magic in areas that I had no hope for.

At this moment I am looking at these windows differently.  I see new, clean, and operational windows.  Some of the windows are a different design--the same size of window but they seem bigger somehow.  I am seeing the beauty of making this house our home.  Making this house OURS.  I'm looking into reaplacing the vertical blinds in the kitchen and replacing them with flowing sheers.  Or maybe I will knit a curtain for the kitchen.  I am planning ahead in a joyful way.  I love making curtains and drapery--a simple change can make such a big difference.  Not only in windows but in life.  I guess it all depends on how we choose to view things.

Windows are metaphorically an interesting idea; how we look out at others, how others look in at us, they let the let us see the light and the darkness of life, how God shuts a door but opens a window.  In movies windows are very big moments--the train scene, the reflection in the rear view mirror (I know a mirror is a mirror and not a window but . . . ), the gazing out the window on a rainy day . . . In Ann Arbor I disliked my windows very much--they had a 9 pane design which made me feel as though I was trapped in a house--with small children--which I was--sort of--but the window didn't help.  I did have window sills and I don't have that in this house--the yin and the yang of my life with windows.  Window of opportunity.  A window with a fresh baked pie cooling.  A sliver of sunshine peeking through to warm the bones of an old cat.  A window big enough to have 4 kids waving good bye to Daddy every morning.  The window above my sink where I can enjoy my back garden. 

God thank you for giving me the vision concerning the long term plans of this house.  My home is dedicated to you--I hope you like what we picked out! 

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